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Euro reflector

The Euro is our budget all-purpose reflector that performs well and provides great value for money.  Euro reflectors are:

  • Suitable for 125W CFLs and up to 600W HID's.
  • A basic reflector that’s perfect for those on a budget.

Supernova reflector 

The Supernova a household name in indoor grow-lighting.  SuperNova reflectors are:

  • Suitable for 125W CFLs up to 1000W HID's.
  • Great for directing light at plants directly beneath the reflector.
  • One of the best performing reflectors on the market when used correctly.

Great 8 reflector 

The Great 8 is ideal for growing environments with a footprint of up to 120cm x 120cm. Great 8 reflectors are:

  • Equipped with vents to allow great heat dispersion.
  • Carefully constructed to provide an even dispersal of light.

Parabolic reflector 80cm

Parabolic reflector 100cm

Turrican reflector 

Cooltube reflector 125mm

Cooltube reflector 150mm

Goldstar reflector 125mm 

The Goldstar is a fantastic quality product that retains the traditional reflector shape whilst providing all of the benefits of an air-cooled reflector. The Goldstar 125mm reflectors are:

  • Suited for 250W and 400W HID lamps.
  • Extremely well sealed making it the benchmark of air-cooled reflectors

Goldstar reflector 150mm

As above but the 150mm version is for 600W HID lamps.

V3 315W CMH 

This reflector is based on the time-tested Supernova design, built slightly shorter and with a CMH lamp fitting it is a quality reflector for the new and seriously impressive 315W CMH lamps.

  • CMH lamps only

Sun Systems LEC

The Sun Systems LEC reflector for 315W CMH light is an American made vertical lamp reflector, built from 95-98% reflective German aluminium and puts down a perfect square footprint of light.

  • CMH lamps only

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