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  1. Metal Halide Lamps

    Sunmaster Metal Halide lamps 7200K - the most popular on the market for good reason.
    Avalable in 150W, 250W 400W, 600W and 1000W.

    As low as++ £24.95
  2. Dual Spectrum Lamps

    The vast majority of a Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps output is in red light.  However the beauty of a Dual Spec is that it also delivers enough blue light to enable you to use it continually though both the Vegetative and Flowering stages and saving on t...

    As low as++ £13.99
  3. HPS Lamps

    Osram Son-T and Son-T-Plus grow lamps have been around since HPS were first used to provide lighting for plants - they're highly reliable lamps and produce consistent results. To be honest the Sunmaster 600W dual spectrum lamp offers much better val...

    As low as++ £19.95
  4. 400V Grow Lamps

    400V Grow Lamps are the next generation of HID lights and output around 10% more usable light than standard 240V grow lamps, that are currently in use. They require a different ballast to power them - we currently sell the Maxibright Promax Gold 60...

  5. Sunmaster 10K Finishing Lamps

    Sunmaster Finishing Lamps are 10K/600W grow lamps that can used in the final 10 days of flowering to increase oil production in susceptible plants. The very high ultraviolet radiation output from the lamps causes the plant to produce oils to try to ...

  6. 150W Metal Halide

    After selling a wide variety of 150W metal halide grow lights over the years we have narrowed down our selection to the market leaders and by far the best performing grow lamps in the industry; the Sunmaster brand of grow lights from Venture Lighting...

  7. 250W Metal Halide

    We’ve stocked and sold many different 250W metal halide bulbs over the years but after much trialling and testing we have narrowed down our range to only sell the best of the best; the Sunmaster range from Venture Lighting. Sunmaster specifically ...

  8. 400W Metal Halide

    After selling many different brands of 400W metal halide grow lights over the years we’ve fine-tuned our stock list to bring you only the very best selection; the Sunmaster range from Venture Lighting. The Sunmaster brand are specifically manufact...

  9. 600W Metal Halide

    We have sold many different 600W metal halide grow lights over the years and after much trialling and testing, we have settled for the best grow lamps on the market; the Sunmaster range from Venture Lighting. Sunmaster lamps are exclusively tailored...

  10. 1000W Metal Halide

    This 1000W metal halide grow light by Sunmaster comes from the best horticultural lighting manufacturer on the market; Venture Lighting. After many years of trialling and testing different lamps, we’ve found that these grow lights really are the cr...

  11. Sunmaster 1000W Dual Spectrum

    This Sunmaster 1000W dual spectrum grow lamp was the first 1000W dual spectrum bulb to hit the market and will provide plenty of usable light to your plants during all stages of plant growth. Being a HPS bulb it emits mainly red spectrum light for th...

  12. Sunmaster 600W Dual Spectrum

    This Sunmaster 600W dual spectrum HPS grow lamp puts out both red spectrum and enough blue spectrum light to be used as a sole light source throughout all stages of growing. This eliminates the need to buy separate metal halide and HPS bulbs for the ...

  13. Sunmaster 400W Dual Spectrum

    This Sunmaster 400W dual spectrum HPS grow lamp has been designed to cater for all stages of the plant growth cycle. Unlike a regular HPS lamp that puts out red spectrum light for the flowering / fruiting stage of development, the 400W dual spectrum ...

  14. 1000W HPS

    This 1000W HPS grow light will give you some serious growing power. Manufactured by renowned lighting manufacturer Osram, you are guaranteed a high performing, high quality lamp that is designed to ensure you get the most out of your plants. Osram w...

  15. 400W HPS

    This 400W HPS grow light from Osram is highly reliable and a very consistent grow lamp. Osram HPS lamps were the first lamps used to grow plants indoors and since that time they’ve continued to be a high performing market leading grow light. Unlik...

  16. 250W HPS

    The 250W HPS grow lights from Osram have been around since the very first HPS lamps were used as a lighting source to grow plants. Still growing strong today; these lights are extremely reliable and consistent, producing fantastic results time and ti...

  17. Sunmaster 250W Dual Spectrum

    The Sunmaster 250W dual spectrum is a HPS grow lamp with a difference. Unlike regular HPS lamps that are designed to put out solely red spectrum light for the flowering / fruiting stage of plant development; the Sunmaster 250W dual spectrum grow lamp...

  18. 600W HPS

    These 600W HPS grow lights are from market leading lighting manufacturers Sunmaster and Osram. Osram were one of the very first lighting companies to produce HPS lights for growing plants and Sunmaster is a dedicated horticultural lighting manufa...

    As low as++ £24.95
  19. T5 Replacement Lamps

    These lamps are available in the two standard wattages and colour outputs. Stick with the blue spectrum for propagation and vegative growth or red output for fruiting/flowering, the two colours can be mixed and run simutaneously in the same unit if ...

    As low as++ £3.95

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