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Segmental timer
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Segmental timers have endless uses in the growing environment from ventilation equipment to controlling irrigation frequency to controlling light-cycles (when used in conjunction with a contactor/relay).  

The 24hour period is split into 15 minute segments which can be positioned in either the ‘on' or ‘off' position.  Once set and in use the 24 hour period remains clear enabling the user to check the cycle at a glance, their simple operation makes them much favoured over their digital equivalents. 

In our experience, Grasslin Timers are limited in the electrical load that they can handle, therefore if you are considering plugging your HID light into it, we would strongly urge you to consider the Heavy Duty Timer instead.  

If you need to add more than one HID light, check out our Maxiswitch Light Controllers.

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Grasslin Segmental Timer

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