Fan Speed Controllers

  • Variispeed Fan Controller
    Variispeed Fan Controller

    Variispeed Fan Controllers are easy to use, high quality fan controllers for controlling single fans. They can control the fan from 0-100% and can take up to 300W, which covers all of the RUCK fans that we sell - for other fans please check the descriptions to see how much power they draw. Depending on the fan you use there may be some humming, but at this price point most people tend put up wi...

  • GSE Hysteresis Controller
    GSE Hysteresis Controller

    The full name of this product is something like The GSE Controller Temperature & Min-Max with Hysteresis Speed! Overly long name aside, this is a really well priced fan speed controller that is especially suitable for single fan extraction systems in grow tents. It has four dials on the front: 1. Temperature. This is your desired grow room temperature 2. Min Fan Speed. Sets your minimum fan sp...

  • RAM Air Pro Fan Speed Controller
    RAM Air Pro

    The RAM Air Pro fan speed controller is a thoughtfully designed and well put-together bit of kit that offers excellent value for money. The unit has 3 dials: 1. Minimum fan speed. This sets the speed the fans will idle at once the desired room temperature is achieved. 2. Balance Control. When the dial is turned all the way to the left, both fans will run at the same speed. When set all the way ...

  • Silent Fan Speed Controller
    Silent Fan Speed Controller

    The Rhino Silent Fan Speed Controller is a simple fan speed controller that allows you turn your fans down without any fan hum. Sometimes all you need is a basic controller to take the edge of the fan noise or power - this controller has 5 reduced power settings you can use and as it uses voltage stepping to achieve these power decreases, there is zero fan hum. If you are using an exhaust and inta...

  • Rhino Day Night Silent Fan Speed Controller
    Day Night Silent Controller

    Rhino's Day Night Silent Controller is a well thought out, simple to use fan speed controller that gives you the ability to control your fans in both day and night cycles without any fan hum. The controller is kind of like a halfway house product that sits between Rhino’s Silent Fan Controller and the more advanced fan speed controllers such as the SMSCOM Hybrid. The controller has four sock...

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