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A combination of the two best products in their respective market sectors, RUCK fans and Rhino Pro Filters are a dream team when it comes to grow room ventilation.

RUCK fans are made in Germany and combine reliable engineering with efficient, high-torque motors to offset the 15-20% reduction in airflow that occurs when using any carbon filter.

Rhino Pro Filters – Formerly Phat Filters – use top quality carbon to absorb any unwanted odours and are guaranteed for two years.

All RUCK and Rhino packages are available with your choice of either standard or acoustic ducting depending on how quiet you need your fan to be. We recommend using acoustic ducting for any fan over six inches in diameter as this is the point where noise increases noticeably.

Also included in the package are jubilee clips for attaching the ducting. Cable ties are also supplied with the acoustic ducting as it comprises of an inner and outer layer of foil with insulation in between – the jubilee clips are for the inner core and then the outer layer can be cable tied once it is pulled over the inner jubilee clip.

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