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Offering a good, affordable option in fan and filter packages, we’ve joined RUCK fans with a low-cost filter that still performs at a high level.

The German-made RUCK fans are a great product offering both reliability and high airflow rates to ensure your grow room stays at the correct temperature, as well as a high torque motor to offset the 15-20% airflow reduction from any carbon filter.

The budget filters will help to remove unwanted odours and are very effective, although not as long-lasting as the Rhino Pro models. We would recommend changing them after eight to ten months, depending on usage.

All budget fan and filter packages are available with either standard or acoustic ducting depending on how quiet you need your fan to be. As a rough guide, a four inch fan with standard ducting will be slightly too loud for a room used for sleeping or relaxing in, however, acoustic ducting and a layer of sound insulation wrapped around the fan can eliminate the majority of the noise.

To attach the ducting we have included jubilee clips, and for the acoustic ducting there are also three cable ties to secure the outer layer of ducting over the jubilee attaching the inner core.

The airflow figures listed below should be used a guide only.

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