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ExHale Co2 bags are a good way to create a continuous supply of natural carbon dioxide for your growing environment - they utilise natural mycelial mass to create carbon dioxide. Once they’ve expired the organic mycelial mass can easily be recycled and used for composting / adding to soil.

Carbon dioxide is continuously generated by ExHale bags for a period of around 3-6 months after purchase. The bags contain a clever microporous ‘breathing’ patch on the side of the bag to allow the flow of a steady and consistent output. One bag can comfortably provide extra Co2 for four to six large plants or roughly 16 square feet.

The bags come complete and ready to be use. They're already active as you buy them, so all you have to do is place the bag in your growing environment. There’s no turning off or on either, just leave the bag alone and it’ll continue producing CO2 until its ‘replace by’ date.

Key features include:

  • Completely natural mode of action by mycelial mass
  • Each bag caters for 4-6 large plants or a growing environment of 16 square feet
  • 100% recyclable and can be used for composting / soil amendments
  • Special breathing patch for a steady and consistent output
  • No need to turn off or on, generates CO2 continuously

ExHale CO2 Bags FAQ's:

The manufacturer states the bag prodcues Co2 for 6 months from date of purchase - does it?

Yes, but you'll find that after 3 months the level of Co2 that it produces will start to drop off a bit. We recommend replacing them every 3-4 months for optimun output.

Should I position the bag on the floor with the plants, or hang it up to provide better airflow around it?

Pop it in to your growing environment amongst your plants, and try to get a very gentle airflow going over the bag. If your plants leaves are just slightly moving all the time, that will help the bag emit it's Co2 at a steady rate.

Do they actually work?

Yes, in smaller growing environments they are pretty effective, but in bigger grow rooms you would be better off with a dedicated Co2 genenerator.

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