Eurolux 600W Parabolic

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The Eurolux 600W Budget Parabolic Grow Light offers quality equipment at an affordable price.

The kit includes:-

1 x Maxibright Parabolic Reflector

1 x Eurolux 600W Ballast

1 x Eurolux 600W HPS lamp

The lamp is pure HPS so there are better options for vegative stage growth, but it will do a reasonable job if needs be. The Maxibright Parabolic reflector is the same reflector as we sell in our more expensive kits, and is as good as any on the market in it's price range.

The Eurolux 600W Ballast is made by Venture Lighting, the people that make the Sunmaster range of lamps and ballasts, so the quality is good. It's not going to give you quite as much output as the Compact or Sunmaster ballasts and it only has a 1 year guarantee, but in reality these are very reliable ballast at a good price point.

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