Eurolux 600W Ballast

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The Eurolux 600W ballast is a resin coated, silent start-up & running budget ballast from Maxibright. Based on Venture Lighting running gear (probably the reliable on the market) and offering excellent reliability at a very competitive price point, the Eurolux has become one the top selling ballasts in the UK grow lighting market.

Features include:

- Smart Ignitor. This stops the ballast trying to ignite a hot lamp after a power cut - HPS & Metal Halide lamps need to be below a certain temperature to start correctly, trying to start a hot lamp can damage it.

- Runs both HPS and Metal Halide Lamps

- Completely silent start-up and running

- Delivers exactly 600W to the lamp at 240V - this ensures correct spectrum output and consistent yields

- Wall mountable

- Two year no-quibble guarantee, one year from Maxigrow, one extra year from us

For many years we sold the excellent Compact Ballast as our main ballast and it remains one of the all-time great performers in terms of reliability, offering a whopping great 5 year guarantee as standard. However, as digital ballasts came down in price the Compact increasingly started to look expensive, for only around £10 - £20 more you can now get a dimmable digital ballast. 

The Eurolux has been priced to provide a clear price difference between a budget analogue ballast, and a dimmable digital ballast. It does basically the same job as a standard digital ballast with its silent start-up and running, is very reliable but costs about half what a dimmable digital ballast does.

Excellent value for money - highly recommended. 

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