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The Euro Grow Light is built around the original Euro style reflector that continues to stand the test of time, and remains the most popular selling reflector design of all time.

While this reflector may not be in the performance category of the Great 8 or Supernova, it outputs a considerable amount of light and tends runs at a cooler temperature due to its open ended design.

This is a great piece of value kit with solid ballast and lamp options - you can easily upgrade to a top of the line reflector at a later date without having to replace the ballast and lamp.  

Reflector Measurements (approx):

Length:  47cm
Width:   40cm
Depth:   15cm

All of our grow light kits are supplied with Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamps as standard - other ballast & lamp combinations are available on request.

The Euro Grow Light Kit is available with 5 different types of ballast, please make your selection from the dropdown above. You can click the links below for more info on each ballast:

Ipaq Ballasts (analog) - Maxi Bright Ipaq's come with a whopping great 25 year guarantee - they are quite literally ballasts for life. Available in all sizes, 250W, 400w, 600W and 1000W.

Parbright Ballasts (600W analog) - Parbright ballasts are plastic cased and silent running and are a quality entry level ballast option.

Digilight Digital Ballasts - If you prefer a digital ballast that is not dimmable (i.e. less things to wrong) then the Digilight is a good option, the 250W version is especially good value for money.

DigiDrive 600W Dimmable Ballast. Dimmabale to 250W, 400W and boostable to 660W, the DigiDrive is a good digital ballast at a great price.

Maxibright Promax 600W/400v. If you want the best money can buy then choose this ballast. It uses 400 volt technology and will give you about 5-10% more plant usable light, as well as a whole host of other features. It can also run standard 240v lamps, it's the most advanced ballast on the market at the moment.

***Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty***

of our grow light systems are supplied with Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamps as standard - other lamp & ballast combinations are available on request.

Euro Grow Light FAQ's:

What kind of area do these lights cover?

It depends on how far above the plant you position the light, but as a rough guide the 250W version will cover around 0.5m to 0.8m, the 400W version will cover around 0.7m to 1.0m and the 600W version will cover around 1.0m to 1.5m.

How much electricity do these lights use?

To work out how much electricity they use simply find out how much you pay per for your electricty per kilowatt hour (1000W), divide this figure by 1000 then multiply by the wattage of the light. For example, if you pay £0.09 pence per kilowatt hour and you wish to work out how much it will cost to run a 400W light, simply divide 0.09 by 1000 then multiply the result by 400 (you would be paying 3.6 penece per hour that the light was switched on). Simple as that, and this rule applies to all grow lights and CFL lights.

How do I hang these lights?

If your reflector is say 50cm long, you will need two fixing points approx this distance apart that are capable of taking the weight of the reflector (this reflector weighs around 2KG). Most people tend to screw a couple of vine eyes into whatever surface is above the light, and then use either jack chain or Easy-Rolls to lower and raise the lights as needed.

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