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The Etaline is designed and built to the highest standards in Germany by fan specialists RUCK.   The three-dimensional curved blades efficiently direct air through the tube body where a “Stator” reduces turbulence, ensuring airflow is as smooth as possible.  What this means to you and me is a reduction in energy loss and subsequently a comparatively cheap fan to run over its lifetime.  These fans really do shift a huge amount of air!  If you can afford the initial outlay you will be rewarded with a very reliable and powerful piece of kit.

Highly recommended.

Product Measurements (approx):

Etaline 8 Inch
Length: 225mm
Width:  200mm

Etaline 10 Inch:
Length: 280mm 
Width:  250mm

Etaline 12 Inch:
Length: 340mm
Width:  315mm

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