Ducting and Ductwork

  1. Aluminium Ducting

    Standard foil ducting, 100mm to 315mm diameter.
    Available in 5m or 10m lengths.

    As low as++ £4.95
  2. Combi Ducting

    Standard aluminium ducting with a PVC outer layer, 100mm to 315mm diameter.
    Available in 5m and 10m lengths.

    As low as++ £7.95
  3. Acoustic Ducting

    Ducting designed to reduce the noise of your inline fan, a perforated core wrapped in glass fibre to create a baffle effect.
    Available in 5m and 10m lengths.

    As low as++ £13.25
  4. Phonic Trap Ducting

    Phonic Trap ducting is the latest development in acoustically insulated ducting. Phonic Trap works along the same principles as traditional acoustic ducting: it has a partially permeable inner membrane allowing the sound to pass through the inner co...

    As low as++ £44.95
  5. Ducting Clips

    Ducting Jubilee Clips are a great way of attaching ducting to fans, filters and joiners when you need a more secure fit than tape can provide. Each clip is easily adjustable and has a screw fitting to let you get the closest possible seal when joini...

    As low as++ £1.45
  6. Heavy Duty Cable Ties

    Offering an inexpensive alternative to jubilee clips, Heavy Duty Cable Ties are also well suited to securing wires and flex to keep your growing area tidy. While you can use these in place of jubilee clips, it is worth noting that you won’t get qu...

    As low as++ £1.25
  7. Ducting Reducers

    Ducting Reducers are available in a wide variety of sizes and are an ideal way of connecting different sizes of ducting, fans and filters. These reducers are made of galvanised steel for durability and are male-to-male so they will fit inside any du...

    As low as++ £6.95
  8. Wall Flanges

    Allows ducting to be attached directly onto a ceiling or wall. This product may not come pre-drilled (due to supplier variation) so some preparation may be required prior to installation. ...

    As low as++ £3.45
  9. 90 Degree Bend

    Pressed steel 90 degree bend to increase airflow where changes in ducting direction are required. Failure to use this product when making bends in your ducting can result in greatly reduced fan efficiency....

    As low as++ £6.95
  10. Fast Clamps

    These professional quality Fast Clamps are perfectly designed for joining two rigid items such as fans, filters and silencers. The clamps can be tightened via the two bolts to ensure an airtight fit, and the neoprene lining will help to reduce noise...

    As low as++ £9.95
  11. Couplers

    Female couplers for connecting two pieces of flexible ducting.
    Male for connecting hard ventilation components.

    As low as++ £3.45
  12. T-Pieces

    These galvanised T-Pieces are a great way of combining ducting from two areas for use with one fan. Suitable for use with standard and acoustic ducting, we recommend using ducting jubilee clips or metal heat resistant tape to ensure an air...

    As low as++ £8.95
  13. Heat Resistant Tape

    Metal Heat Resistant Tape is made using aluminium cross-weave fibres to increase its strength at high temperatures. Measuring 75mm wide and 45m in length, this tape is 50 microns thick and features a pressure sensitive adhesive that is effective for...

  14. Back Draft Shutters

    These handy additions to ductwork help reduce unwanted odours by closing ducting when the ventilation is turned off. Available in a variety of sizes, these shutters are especially useful for stopping cold air entering your growing environment when f...

    As low as++ £10.95

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