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The vast majority of a Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps output is in red light.  However the beauty of a Dual Spec is that it also delivers enough blue light to enable you to use it continually though both the Vegetative and Flowering stages and saving on the need for 2 separate bulbs.

Green's stock two different brands of dual spectrum lamps:-

The Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp is the dual spectrum grow lamp from the ever increasing Sunmaster/Venture Lighting range of of grow lamps. It uses the same technology as the Sunmaster 600W Son-T-Plus 95,000 lumen lamps, but instead of producing the extra 5000 lumens of red light (the Grolux produces 90,000 lumens) they have tweaked the extra output to provide more blue spectrum.

Sunmaster also do a 1000W dual spectrum lamp which replaced their pure sodium lamp and represents the first 1000W dual spectrum lamp on the market.

Grolux (from Sylvannia) are the original and still probably the best known of all dual spectrum lamps in the UK; made by Sylvania they are basically a HPS sodium lamp with a small amount of blue light added to the spectrum to make the spectrum more suitable for plant growth.

Both are highly recommended as good all round growing and flowering lamps although the Sunmaster range now offers much better value for money than the Grolux.

***Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty*** 

Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps FAQ's:

My Sylvania Grolux bulb only says 'High Pressure Sodium' on the packaging, is it a dual spectrum?

Yes, it is. We appreciate this can be confusing as Grolux do not state their bulbs are dual spectrum. However, all 'High Pressure Sodium' Grolux lamps we stock and sell are dual spectrum bulbs and can be used for all stages of growth.

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