Diamond Digital Grow Light

Diamond Reflector
Diamond Reflector Diamond Digital Grow Light Package Lumatek 400w Dimmable Ballast

The Diamond Grow Light is a good option for growers looking to get maximum light penetration right down into their growing area.

The only problem with this is that you also put down a lot of heat with it… But as long as you keep a close eye on the tops of your plants for signs of heat stress, it’s an excellent grow light at a decent price. It’s probably better used with active growing systems (hydroponics) rather than passive (hand watering or Autopots) as the high light & heat intensity can really put plants under pressure to feed quickly – hydroponics can respond to these needs much faster than soil or passive systems.

The digital version listed here offers the benefit of the Maxibright digital ballast in with the package for a very small increase in price over the standard ballast option. The digital ballast extends the life of the lamp, increases light output slightly and keeps the lamp running at full output over a much longer period of time than the standard ballast.

Reflector Measurements (approx):

Smaller Model for 250W & 400W HID lamps:
Length: 490mm
Width: 550mm
Depth: 120mm  

Larger Model for 600W HID lamps:
Length:  590mm
Width:   660mm
Depth:   170mm

**Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty**

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Diamond Reflector ONLY (for 250W and 400W lamps)

£52.45 £47.25

Diamond Reflector ONLY (for 600W lamps)

£66.90 £61.80

Diamond with Maxibright Digilight & 250W Sunmaster Lamp

15% off until end of April
£137.65 £132.60

Diamond with Maxibright Digilight & 400W Sunmaster Lamp

15% off until end of April
£152.95 £142.80

Diamond with Maxibright Digilight & 600W Sunmaster Lamp

15% off until end of April
£183.55 £158.10
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