Cooltube 125mm Grow Light

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The original Cooltube is an air-tight, fully sealed clear glass tube with a lamp mounting bracket in its centre. It's perfect for removing the excess heat generated by HID grow lights without leaking unpleasant odours.

Air is usually pulled (but can be pushed) over the lamp by adding an extractor fan to one side of the tube, the hot vented air is then expelled away from the growroom and plants. They're very effective, somewhere in the region of 70-80% of heat is removed, but due to the shape of the reflector the spread of light they give off is not the best. The Goldstar is also fully sealed and gives a much better spread of light, but is quite a bit more expensive.

Reflector Measurements (approx):

Length:  40cm
Width:   12.5cm

All of our grow light systems are supplied with Sunmaster Dual Spectrum lamps and your choice of three ballasts, please make your selection from the dropdown above:

Compact Ballasts (analog) - These have been our go to ballasts for over 10 years, and are still one of the most reliable ballasts on the market, they just work really well and come with a 5 year guarantee on the 600W version, 3 years on the other 250W, 400W and 1000W versions.

Sunmaster Hobby 600W Dimmable Ballast. Dimmabale to 250W, 400W and boostable to 660W, the Sunmaster Hobby is a great digital ballast at a good price.

**Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty** 

Cooltube 125mm Grow Light FAQ's:

What fans do I need to use with these lights?

That mostly depends on the wattage of each light, but here are some rough guidelines:-

1-2 x 250W/400W lights use a RUCK 125mm Low Powered Fan

3-4 x 250W/400W lights use a RUCK 125mm High Powered Fan

These are guidelines only, there are many variables including the length of your ducting and the amount of bends in it (the longer this is, the less overall air gets moved), the type and age of carbon filter if used and the intake airflow. If you're still not sure what you will need, give us a call and we'll talk you through it on the phone.

What's the best ducting to use with Cooltubes?

Just using our standard ducting is fine, you can use acoustic but it's a bit fiddly to set up, prone to air leaks and difficult to move up and down as the plants grow (very good in every other situation though).

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