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The Compact Ballast by Maxibright features everything you would expect from a quality ballast. They can run both metal halide and sodium lamps and come fully encased and sealed in resin to ensure silent running and protection from excessive heat.

Key features of the compact ballast include:

  • Resin sealing for silent and cool operation
  • Compatibility with both Metal Halide and HPS lamps
  • Fully wall mountable (if mounting multiple ballasts leave a 15cm gap between them to allow for proper air circulation)
  • Smart matched timed ignition for efficient running and prolonged unit life
  • IEC connector to link ballast to reflector
  • 3 year manufacturers guarantee (250W / 400W / 1000W Ballasts)
  • 5 year manufacturers guarantee (600W Ballast)

We’ve stocked Maxibright compact ballasts for a long time and due to their reliability, silent operation, and cool running temperatures, they’ve proved to be a firm favourite with our customers. Both the standard models (250W / 400W / 1000W) and the pro model (600W) come with a long warranty to ensure peace of mind with your purchase. Overall, the compact ballast is a highly recommended product from a highly recommended manufacturer. 

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