CAN Max Pro & Rhino Pro Filter Kits

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The CAN Max Fan Pro and Rhino Pro Filters are our mid-range fan & filter kits and are recommended in grow rooms and grow tents using 2000W-4000W of light.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 x CAN Max Pro Fan
  • 1 x Rhino Pro Filter
  • 1 x 5M box of either Aluminium or Acoustic Ducting
  • 3 x Ducting Clips
  • 3 x Heavy duty cable ties
  • 1 x Ducting Reducer

Both versions of the CAN Max Fan have 2 step speed switches built into the fan, but can also be used with fan speed controllers.

As these fans move a considerable amount or air we have put the packages together with upgraded filters – the 200mm kit comes with a 250/600mm filter and the 250mm kit comes with a 315/600mm filter.

The 200mm version of the package offers especially good value for money and is a great option for larger grow tents and mid-sized grow rooms.

For airflow rates see FAQ’s below.

CAN Max Pro & Rhino Pro Filter Kits FAQ's:

How much air do these kits move?

Here are the free airflow figures for each fan within the kits - take off around 25% for the actual installed airflow value:

CAN Max Pro 200mm 1218m3
CAN Max Pro 250mm 1660m3

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