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Can Max-Pro Fans are new to the Can Fan range and offer a solid alternative to the popular Hyper Fan range in both the 200mm and 250mm sizes.

Made from a robust and lightweight plastic/fibreglass shell with built in mounts, the fan is simple to install and can be easily cleaned by opening the casing as and when required. All sizes are fitted with a two speed switch and thermal cut-out to prevent overheating.

Airflow wise the 150mm version is only really suitable for an intake fan as it hasn’t got the minerals to cope with a carbon filter and any length of ducting.

However, the 200mm version is a different story and copes well with pressures up to 250pa; this covers most fan and carbon filter setups with up to 4 metres of ducting. For the price £129.95 this fan is excellent value for money -  if it’s a non-acoustic fan you are thinking of buying these should be very high up on your list. For an acoustic 200mm fan the CAN Iso-Max is the best all round fan.

The 250mm version is also a good fan but moves about 15% less air than the Systemair Stratos 250mm – however the Stratos is about 10% more expensive. The Max-Fan Pro has the built in two speed mode though, so it horses for courses when comparing these two fans. Both move more air than the Hyper Fan 250mm.

Overall these are high quality fans that perform well in most conditions - CAN Fan quality at sensible prices. There is also a CAN Max-Fan Pro EC Fan available from CAN that smashes all other 200mm & 250mm fans to bits performance wise, but so far unrealistic pricing from CAN is stopping them from being distributed in the UK. Hopefully CAN will come to their senses and get them into the UK market at a sensible price soon - they are game changing 8” & 10” fans.

All CAN fans come with a two year guarantee.

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