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Budbox XXL White
Budbox XXL White Budbox XXL Silver Budbox Joints

Very competitively priced for a tent of its size, the BudBox XXL is ideal for anyone looking to use multiple HID lights. 

Now with four 200mm vents as well as additional ducting ports for air-cooled reflectors, the BudBox XXL is suitable for use with up to 2000W of light, although we would recommend less during the warmer summer months. 

The BudBox XXL measures 120cm x 240cm x 200cm and features: 

  • Sturdy powder-coated poles with extremely strong corner pieces
  • A roof support system capable of supporting up to 30kg
  • Flame retardant material with a brilliant white lining
  • Four fully closable cable access ports, two at top and two at bottom
  • Sealed, waterproof and removable floor cover
  • Two 200mm top vents
  • Two 200mm bottom vents
  • Two 150mm ducting ports for air-cooled reflectors
  • Fully closable passive air intakes with bug screen
  • Comes complete with carry case 

The BudBox XXL is very durable and now benefits from improved, military grade zips making it perfect for use with multiple HID lights. BudBox shelving is also available to make this tent great for propagation or drying purposes.

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Budbox XXL White - 240cm x 120cm x 200cm

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