Why mounting your ballast matters!

Over the years we’ve heard a fair share of ballast disaster stories. Practically all of these stories have the same underlying theme; the ballast has burned a wooden floor, a carpet, a grow tent, or any other material that isn’t fireproof. Nearly all of these disasters could’ve been avoided with a bit of prior preparation. So, to keep you from becoming the next ballast casualty, here’s why mounting your ballast matters.

Ballasts give out a lot of heat

This is especially true for “traditional” analogue ballasts. These ballasts can easily run hot enough to melt the plastic of a grow tent, turn a wooden block into charcoal, or put an undesirable burn mark into your brand new carpet. Best case scenario you’ll spot the problem before it escalates. Worst case; you’ll be calling the fire brigade.

Even though modern digital ballasts certainly have much cooler running temperatures than their analogue counterparts, they still put out enough heat to pose a risk and should be properly mounted to give you peace of mind.

How do you mount your ballast?

There are two simple ways to mount your ballast and eliminate the risk of burning your grow room to the ground; wall mounting or placing it on a fireproof material.

Wall mounting

All good ballast manufacturers and all ballasts we sell on this website incorporate wall mounting features into their design. No unnecessary messing about needed, you just use the holes provided by the manufacturer to mount your ballast to the wall.

Placing on a fireproof surface

An easy alternative to wall mounting your ballast is to place it on a fireproof surface. Preferably, this will be a surface that doesn’t get too hot itself. For example, metal is fireproof, but having a hot ballast on a metal surface for long enough will cause the metal to become hot, potentially creating a risk in itself. We recommend placing your ballast on a brick or a breezeblock as you’ll eliminate all risks of overheating with fireproof surfaces such as these.

Proper mounting matters

In a nutshell: mounting matters. We’ve heard customer stories of how ballasts have single-handedly ruined a growing environment (and fresh carpets) and we don’t want you to fall victim to the same disasters.