Vertical Veg Patches and Farm Kitchens

What do vertical vegetable patches and farm kitchens have to do with contemporary, forward thinking design? Well, it all comes down to micro-agriculture and making the most of limited spaces. Many of us are currently living in increasingly cramped urban environments where making the most of the little space we have is becoming ever more important. 


On top of this, there’s a growing demand for nutritious home-grown produce that’s free from pesticides and genetic modification; something that’s unfortunately becoming a rarity in a society where pollution, chemical treatments, and food additives are par for the course nowadays.

Introducing the Farm Kitchen

So, as part of this year’s London Design Festival and the forward thinking event 100% design, the organisers decided to address this need and call on innovative designers to create a “farm kitchen.” This kitchen was to be designed with the aim of providing a variety of novel solutions to the problem of growing wholesome farm produce in space limited urban landscapes.

What does this have to with us?

We were lucky enough to be selected to be a part of this project and immediately sprung into action to get a hydroponics system and a tasty looking vegetable garden ready for the event. We had less than five weeks to get everything together - massive credit goes to the hard work of our resident hydro expert Matt who managed to deliver on time whilst juggling several other projects.

Introducing the Vertical Veg Patch

The Vertical Veg Patch was a hybrid blend of forward thinking design by Mette, a bespoke hydroponics system from ourselves and grow lighting from Italian design company Bulbo. What our combined efforts created was an eye-catching vegetable garden that could tuck neatly into most restaurants and confined urban spaces, comfortably uniting design with practicality.


An all-round success

Not only did we have a great time at the 100% design event, but London Design Festival attendees were full of positive comments about our Vertical Veg Patch and the many other inspiring designs making their way out of the farm kitchen. Hopefully, this is a reflection of just how much people realise the importance of growing their own food and making the most of their urban living spaces.