Superthrive vs Hesi Supervit – Which One Is Better?

Superthrive and Supervit are liquid concentrations of a range of vitamins and hormones designed to promote growth, with Superthrive also claiming it can relieve plants from numerous stress factors, from transplanting to heat stress. Both are widely used in the horticultural industry and both have gained plenty of positive feedback.



Superthrive is often seen as the original vitamin and hormone solution. It has been widely used by horticulturalists since it hit the market back in the 1940s.


Hesi Supervit

Hesi Supervit is a much more recent product than Superthrive, but it is by no means inferior. In fact, in Europe, Hesi Supervit has quickly made its way up the ranks past Superthrive to being the number one plant stimulator.


Which one is better?

With both products getting positive feedback and significant use in the industry, most growers are left scratching their heads with one vital question: which one is better?


As growth promoters

Both Superthrive and Supervit are marketed to improve plant growth. The manufacturers claim that growth will be accelerated as the vitamins and hormones contained in these products are readily available to plants. Without the use of these products, plants would have to derive these vitamins and hormones from other minerals, wasting valuable time and energy.

From our personal experience and from customer feedback, we believe that although using Superthrive is better than using nothing to promote plant growth, Hesi Supervit just does the job better. The unique blend of vitamins and hormones in Supervit works very well in protecting plants from disease and increasing nutrient uptake, which in turn boosts growth, especially during the flowering period.


As stress relievers

Out of the two, only Superthrive is actually marketed as a plant stress reliever, and this is where Superthrive really excels over Supervit. Superthrive can make plants bounce back to full health after suffering from a range of stress factors, and can be particularly effective when used after transplanting or when plants have been over fertilised.

If you need to restore your plants back to full health after a problem, then choose Superthrive over Supervit every time.

The verdict

Basically, both of these products serve their intended purposes well. As a growth promoter, Supervit reigns supreme. As a stress reliever, Superthrive comes out on top. If you’re in need of a product that can both relieve stress and promote growth, then Superthrive does fit the bill. However, due to the fact Supervit will outperform Superthrive in promoting growth; we recommend treating your plants to the best of both worlds; using Supervit for growth promotion and Superthrive for stress relief.


Happy growing!