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  1. Why mounting your ballast matters!

    Why mounting your ballast matters!

    Over the years we’ve heard a fair share of ballast disaster stories. Practically all of these stories have the same underlying theme; the ballast has burned a wooden floor, a carpet, a grow tent, or any other material that isn’t fireproof. Nearly all of these disasters could’ve been avoided with a bit of prior preparation. So, to keep you from becoming the next ballast casualty, here’s why mounting your ballast matters.

    Ballasts give out a lot of heat

    This is especially true for “traditional” analogue ballasts. These ballasts can easily run hot enough to melt the plastic of a grow tent, turn a wooden block into charcoal, or put an undesirable burn mark into your brand new carpet. Best case scenario you’ll spot the problem before it escalates. Worst case; you’ll be calling the fire brigade.

    Even though modern digital ballasts certainly have much cooler running temperatures than

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  2. How to Install a Grow Light in a Grow Tent

    Starting out your new indoor gardening hobby can be an exciting time. You’re probably keen to get going and start carefully raising those plants like they were your own children.  You’ve bought a grow tent and all the kit you need to get you off to a flying start but there’s one slight problem; you have no idea where to begin.

    Don't worry, you're not alone

    Many of our customers are people trying out indoor gardening for the first time and they often have questions about setting up an effective growing environment.

    We are always more than happy to offer advice and guidance to our customers, which is why we've decided to put some of our most frequently asked questions into video format to help you on your way to becoming an indoor gardening pro.

    Installing a grow light

    One of the questions we often get asked is how to properly install a grow light into a grow tent. The go

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  3. Buying a New Ballast

    Buying a New Ballast

    Buying a ballast? Watch out for cheap but not-so-cheerful products

    Buying a decent ballast isn’t always an easy choice to make. The horticultural market is full of options, and practically every ballast, no matter how cheap or expensive, claims to provide “maximum output” for your grow plants.


    The plain truth is that many ballasts that claim to power your lamp at full capacity simply don’t live up to their own hype. Of course, we don’t like to point fingers without any proof to back up our assumptions.


    Luckily for us, Maxigrow were as sceptical as we were about some of the new ballasts to arrive on the scene and their research team quickly put some of these “all singing and all dancing” ballasts to the test.

    Who are Maxigrow?

    If you don’t already know, Maxigrow are well-established as a leading supplier of horticultural lighting products, producing a range of top-notch grow light goods under their Maxibright brand. Maxigrow h

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  4. LED Grow Lights

    LED Grow Lights

    LED (light emitting diode) grow lights have recently flooded the market and many growers are now looking at the technology that promises less energy consumption and less heat, in an easy space-saving solution.


    Originally they were far too weak to be used for growing purposes, despite the over the top claims made by the Chinese manufacturers. However recent developments in technology have drastically amplified the power of the lights to the point where they can now be used to grow plants.


    LED grow lights emit a narrow band of light within the specific frequency range required by plants to produce chlorophyll. They give off considerably less heat (because they use considerably less electricity) and generally have a more compact form factor than HID grow lights

    The perceived benefits

    With considerably lower energy consumption and less heat when compared with standard HID (high intensity discharge) lights, LED grow light manufacturers p

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  5. Hydroponics Lights

    Hydroponics Lights

    Grow lights are an absolute necessity if you want to grow plants indoors. They are needed to provide plants with the light energy they would usually get from the sun. Light is food and nourishment for plants, so carefully selecting the right grow light to do the job is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful set-up.

    Carefully selecting suitable hydroponics lights for your grow room set-up is fundamental if you want to create an optimum environment. A grow light that’s too small will cause your yield to suffer and too big will cause issues with heat. Click this box to learn more about choosing the right hydroponics lights.

    When choosing hydroponics lights you’ll need to consider:

    • If the light will be powerful enough to adequately nourish all of your plants

    • Whether the light is going to cause problems with controlling heat and temperature

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