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  1. Vertical Veg Patches and Farm Kitchens

    Vertical Veg Patches and Farm Kitchens

    What do vertical vegetable patches and farm kitchens have to do with contemporary, forward thinking design? Well, it all comes down to micro-agriculture and making the most of limited spaces. Many of us are currently living in increasingly cramped urban environments where making the most of the little space we have is becoming ever more important. 


    On top of this, there’s a growing demand for nutritious home-grown produce that’s free from pesticides and genetic modification; something that’s unfortunately becoming a rarity in a society where pollution, chemical treatments, and food additives are par for the course nowadays.

    Introducing the Farm Kitchen

    So, as part of this year’s London Design Festival and the forward thinking event 100% design, the organisers decided to address this need and call on innovative designers to create a “farm kitchen.” This kitchen was to be designed with the aim of providing a variety of novel solutions to the problem o

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  2. Bringing Relaxation to Brisfest

    Bringing Relaxation to Brisfest

    Bringing Relaxation to Brisfest - Greens Horticulture

    Festivals are known for being pretty hectic so we decided to bring a bit of peace and tranquillity to this year’s Brisfest with the Green’s Horticultural Garden. After all, nothing provides a retreat from festival antics like a nice slice of nature.

    Our expert gardener Mat kindly donated his beautiful plants to please the eyes of festival attendees, amongst which were some of his finest bamboo and chilli plants, which all went on display in our dedicated horticultural tent. Of course, no garden haven is complete without adequate seating and for that we got talented graffiti artists Paris, Haka, and Pasha to paint us some of their wonderful pieces to add some colourful art to complement our garden scene.

    We thoroughly enjoyed Brisfest and had a great time talking to the happy festival goers as they adm

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