Bringing Relaxation to Brisfest

Bringing Relaxation to Brisfest - Greens Horticulture

Festivals are known for being pretty hectic so we decided to bring a bit of peace and tranquillity to this year’s Brisfest with the Green’s Horticultural Garden. After all, nothing provides a retreat from festival antics like a nice slice of nature.

Our expert gardener Mat kindly donated his beautiful plants to please the eyes of festival attendees, amongst which were some of his finest bamboo and chilli plants, which all went on display in our dedicated horticultural tent. Of course, no garden haven is complete without adequate seating and for that we got talented graffiti artists Paris, Haka, and Pasha to paint us some of their wonderful pieces to add some colourful art to complement our garden scene.

We thoroughly enjoyed Brisfest and had a great time talking to the happy festival goers as they admired our array of garden delights. Needless to say we have every intention to be back next year with more horticultural goodness. If you attended Brisfest this year and had a chance to relax in our horticultural garden then let us know what you thought. If you didn’t catch us this year, then keep an eye out for us at next year’s Brisfest and make sure you take a break from madness by relaxing in the Green’s Horticulture Garden!

P.S – sorry about the not so great picture – we were too busy having a good time!