5 Great Gardening Apps Every Grower Should Own (For iPhone)

There’s an app for pretty much anything nowadays and the world of horticulture is no exception. If you love gardening and own a smartphone then these great gardening apps will help you get the most out of your plants. From documenting your growing efforts to spotting diseases; there’s an app that can help. The best news – most apps in this list is won’t cost you a penny!

HID Gardener

This handy little application has been designed with the indoor gardener in mind. With HID Gardener, you can monitor practically every aspect of your growing environment (well, 20 to be exact), and document these for up to 120 days of growing. Many of the grow room aspects you document are also displayed in a handy graph so you can take a detailed look at your growing efforts as a whole. There’s also a function that allows you to make daily notes. Overall, HID Gardener is a worthy ally for any grower.

Cost: FREE

Download Link: HID Gardener

GroLog from Grodan

Grodan; one of the big-name manufacturers in soilless gardening, have released a fantastic GroLog app. Similar to HID Gardener, this app lets you log and document your growing efforts. You can even keep a log of multiple grows at any given time. You can add daily notes and add photos of your plants’ progress and you can specify exactly what data you’d like to monitor (EC, plant height, temperature etc.). You can then transfer this info into handy graphs and print out comprehensive reports - a must-have gardening app for all serious growers.

Cost: FREE

Download Link: GroLog

Garden Compass

This popular gardening app is one you’ll need if you’re scratching your head about pests or diseases. With support from a specialised network of horticultural experts, all you have to do is take a photo of your plant problem or pest issue, submit it via the app, and a horticultural expert will get back to you with an identification of the issue and the ways you can resolve it. With most queries answered within 24 hours it’s no wonder this is a popular app.

Cost: FREE

Download Link: Garden Compass

The Plant Doctor

This clever app is similar to Garden Compass, but instead of waiting to hear back from an expert, you simply scroll through a list of the 32 most common plant symptoms (leaf curl, black spots etc.), tick off the ones that are affecting your plants, and then The Plant Doctor will instantly diagnose the problem and give you the steps you need to take to resolve the issue. As far as we can tell this app does its job well – recommended given the small fee it asks for.

Cost: £1.99

Download Link: The Plant Doctor

MQ Green Thumb

If you’re a grower who leaves absolutely nothing to chance then you’ll find this neat little gardening app to be a handy companion. The MQ Green Thumb app turns your iPhone into a pocket light meter. The readings are given in Foot Candles; a popular measure of the intensity of light in a particular area. More reliable than the traditional and basic ‘hand-shadow test’ and much less expensive than purchasing a light meter; the MQ Green Thumb app is a useful tool for all types of grower and can be used in all indoor gardening settings to measure light levels.

Cost: £1.49

Download Link: MQ Green Thumb