Why mounting your ballast matters!

Over the years we’ve heard a fair share of ballast disaster stories. Practically all of these stories have the same underlying theme; the ballast has burned a wooden floor, a carpet, a grow tent, or any other material that isn’t fireproof. Nearly all of these disasters could’ve been avoided with a bit of prior preparation. So, to keep you from becoming the next ballast casualty, here’s why mounting your ballast matters.

Ballasts give out a lot of heat

This is especially true for “traditional” analogue ballasts. These ballasts can easily run hot enough to melt the plastic of a grow tent, turn a wooden block into charcoal, or put an undesirable burn mark into your brand new carpet. Best case scenario you’ll spot the problem before it escalates. Worst case; you’ll be calling the fire brigade.

Even though modern digital ballasts certainly have much cooler running temperatures than

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