What you need to know about Pythium (Root Rot)

Pythium (also called root rot, damping off, or water mould) can be absolutely devastating in a hydroponic application because the pathogens’ spores are well-adapted to survive in water. These fungus-like organisms threaten hydroponic crops worldwide and even pose problems for botanical experiments in space vehicles orbiting the Earth. Extraordinary sanitation measures are not always sufficient to exclude contagion, and once a pythium epidemic gets underway in a greenhouse, it’s difficult to entirely get rid of it. Here’s some basic information to arm yourself with in the battle against this microscopic invader, as well as two excellent treatment solutions from Green’s Hydroponics.

General Symptoms of Pythium

Within a few days of becoming infected with one of the pythium species, healthy white roots will become grey or brown. Soon afterward, the root structures will lose their firm texture and become mushy and slimy, eventually sloughing off entirely. The plant itself

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