5 Great Gardening Apps Every Grower Should Own (For iPhone)

There’s an app for pretty much anything nowadays and the world of horticulture is no exception. If you love gardening and own a smartphone then these great gardening apps will help you get the most out of your plants. From documenting your growing efforts to spotting diseases; there’s an app that can help. The best news – most apps in this list is won’t cost you a penny!

HID Gardener

This handy little application has been designed with the indoor gardener in mind. With HID Gardener, you can monitor practically every aspect of your growing environment (well, 20 to be exact), and document these for up to 120 days of growing. Many of the grow room aspects you document are also displayed in a handy graph so you can take a detailed look at your growing efforts as a whole. There’s also a function that allows you to make daily notes. Overall, HID Gardener is a worthy ally for any grower.

Cost: FREE

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