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Autopot XL Brouchure

The Autopot XL automated watering system is an excellent, gravity-fed design that’s easy to install and maintain.

The only self-watering system that doesn’t rely on an electric pump, the great advantage of this system is that it can be expanded on a pot-by-pot basis.

The system works by storing nutrients in a tank – a 47 litre tank is available and suitable for one to four Autopots; larger systems will require a larger water butt, 100 litres for five to ten pots, 220 litres for 10 to 20 pots and 350 litres for up to 36 pots.

Each Autopot module consists of a 25 litre pot and tray measuring in total 38cm long x 28cm wide x 37cm high. Always ensure your nutrient tank is at least 15cm higher than the highest Autopot tray and refill the tank when it drops below 1/3 full.

Customer feedback has told us that the system works incredibly well with soil, particularly a well buffered light mix or batmix, and that it is worth putting a couple of litres of clay pebbles in the bottom of the pots.

It’s possible to leave the Autopot XL system for 10 to 14 days at a time depending on plant size and environmental conditions, but while the system itself doesn’t require a pump to work, we would suggest putting a small mixer pump in larger water butts to prevent the nutrient solution from separating.

AutoPot XL FAQ's:

Are these easy to set up?

Yes, very. Watch the video below, it's for the standard Autopot but the setup is identical for the Autopot XL.

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