Autopot Modules & Accessories

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There are plenty of accessories to replace parts of the Autopot and Easy2Grow kits when they wear out, experienced users can also create their own bespoke systems.

Autopot Air Domes are an additional product that fits into the bottom of both the Autopot and Easy2Grow pot and is made up of porous bubble pipe inside a protective plastic dome. When connected to a small air pump it increases oxygen in the root zone.

If you are using an Air Dome, we recommend mixing additional perlite in with it to create a ‘fluffier’ growing media that will create optimal conditions for the Air Dome.

Please note that all of the accessories listed can be used with either product apart from the module components themselves (the lids, trays and pots).

If you have any questions about the accessories on this page, please give us a call.

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