Aquatray 1m
Aquatray 1m Aquatray 1.3m

Aquatrays are robust, injection molded channels designed to accommodate rockwool slabs of both 1m and 1.3m in length.

Available in two lengths; 1m (incorporating two drainage holes and two corresponding 90 degree fittings) and 1.3m (incorporating one central drainage hole and a ridged base for optimal drainage).

These trays can be invaluable to the DIY growers looking to fit a passive hydroponic system into an awkward space – we recommend that slabs are combined with drip irrigation and run to waste feeding as used widely by commercial growers.

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Aquatray for 1m slab (twin drainage holes)

£6.85 £6.30

Aquatray for 1.3m slab (single drainage hole)

£10.45 £9.45
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