Eurolux 600w Grow Light

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The Eurolux 600W grow light kit is competitively priced and delivers on its name - the ballast passes a full 600W of power to the HPS lamp.  This may sounds a little obvious, but it's something that other cheap 600W ballasts fail to do. 

As kits go, it offers just about the best value for money that we have seen. The Eurolux Ballast is one of the top selling, maybe the top selling, 600W ballast on the UK market and both the reflector and lamp are high quality. Euro reflectors are actually one of the better reflectors in terms of light penetration and spread (most retailers won't tell you this as they want you to buy the more expensive grow light reflectors), but unless you spend at least triple what this kit costs on 400V or CMH technology you won't see much difference in actual yields.

Whats included in this package?

  • Euro Reflector
  • Eurolux 600W Ballast
  • Eurolux 600W HPS Grow Lamp

The Eurolux 600W Ballast also comes with a 2 year guarantee for added peace of mind - one year from the manufacturer and one year from us. The lamp has the standard 1 year guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: For safe operation these ballasts should be wall-mounted or placed on something to dissipate the heat safely - i.e. a couple of bricks/blocks.

***Please retain original packaging for your lamps to validate the 12 month warranty on the lamp***

Eurolux 600w Grow Light FAQ's:

This is a pretty cheap grow light - is it safe?

Yes. When we decided to sell a budget grow light we tested all of the availabe brands in the lower price range and this was by far the best performing product, most of the others didn't come close in terms in build quality or light output.

Can I use this light for growing and flowering?

The HPS lamp and the ballast are supplied together by Eurolux and we add the Euro reflector to make this a complete 600W grow light package. The HPS lamp supplied will work adequately during all stages of the plant life cycle - however a dual spectrum bulb (like the Sunmaster 600W Dual Spectrum Lamp supplied with the Euro Grow Light) will perform better.

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