10" Carbon Filter

10 Inch Carbon Filter
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10 Inch Carbon Filter 10 Inch Rhino Pro Carbon Filter

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This 10 inch carbon filter comes from renowned manufacturer Rhino Ventilation. Considered by us (and many others) to be the best horticultural carbon filters on the market, the Rhino Pro filters offer unparalleled performance and an extremely long lifespan, lasting at least two years (and often a lot longer). Replacement prefilters are also available to further prolong the lifespan.

Rhino Pro filters utilise the purest Australian-mined Tiwest RC124 activated carbon, widely considered to be the best activated carbon in the world. Combined with a lightweight, easy to handle aluminium shell, the Rhino Pro filters are designed with high-performance in mind and are built to stand the test of time.

To learn about how Rhino Pro filters work check out the short video (on the left under the images).

Technical Specifications

Size: 250mm (10 inch)

Length (excluding flange): 600mm (24 inches)

Airflow: 1420 m3/hr

Weight: 15kg

Our Opinion

In our opinion Rhino Pro filters stand head and shoulders above the competition as the most effective carbon filters for horticultural use. This 10 inch carbon filter will provide years of effective odour control and unwanted smells are guaranteed to be neutralised. If you can afford a Rhino Pro, buy one. They really are the economic choice in the long term and they will serve you well.

10" Carbon Filter FAQ's:

How carbon filters work

All good carbon filters use a special type of oxidised carbon known as ‘activated carbon.’ The oxidisation processes further increases the already massive surface area of carbon, giving it super adsorbent properties to trap and neutralise even the most pungent smells.

A single gram of activated carbon has a surface area of more than 500 metres squared, and to illustrate just how effective carbon filters can be, a five gram piece has a surface area that equates to roughly the size of a football pitch. With all that odour trapping surface area available, it’s no wonder no unwanted smells make it through a Rhino Pro filter.

This 10 inch Rhino Pro filter is suitable for use with both low and high-powered fans. If you want to learn more about Rhino Pro filters then watch the video below.

How do I set-up this carbon filter?

Here is a video guide that should help you with your carbon filter set-up:

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