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Hydroponic Supplies

Green’s Horticulture is one of the UKs most trusted hydroponic suppliers. We sell a complete range of cutting edge systems from market leading manufacturers and have one of the widest selections of quality growing equipment in the industry.

If you’re new to this type of gardening then please get in touch and we’ll do our best to get you up and running with a system that perfectly fits your needs.

Hydroponics kit

A hydroponics kit is the quick and simple way to create a fully functional hydroponic growing environment. Our complete kits include a grow tent, grow light, hydroponics system, and a range of nutrients and accessories to ensure healthy plant growth.

We have a diverse range of hydroponics kits to accommodate a variety of growing needs, from small entry level systems to large kits that utilise cutting-edge technology. All you have to do is find a hydroponics kit that suits you.

Hydroponics lights

Hydroponics lights are a necessity if you intend on cultivating plants at home. There are several types available, from T5 grow lights and CFL lights designed for propagation to powerful HID lights aimed at maximising the potential of your plants.

The lights you’ll need will depend entirely on your grow room set-up and the stage of your plant’s growth. Our range accommodates for all growing needs so make sure you check out our selection of hydroponics lights.

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