Wilma Systems

  1. Wilma System Large (75cm X 75cm)

    Wilma Systems are comparable to having a personal assistant for your gardening. They combine the simplicity of gardening in pots with the effort-saving benefits of having a timer-based automatic feeding system.

    You can use any growing medium with the Wilma System, whether you’re a fan of soil, clay pebbles, rockwool, coco, or any other medium for that matter. We recommend using clay pebbles as this ensures plenty of aeration at the root zone and also makes the systems easier to set-up and manage.

    As low as++ £99.95
  2. Wilma System Small (60cm X 60cm)

    Wilma systems combine the simplicity of gardening in pots with the advantages of timer automated feeding. These clever systems ensure you can grow great plants with minimum fuss. Wilma pots are essentially a re-circulating hydroponic system but they...

    As low as++ £74.95
  3. Wilma System XL (90cm X 90cm)

    The innovative Wilma Systems combine the ease of growing in pots with the benefits of automated, timer-based feeding. Hand-watering your plants daily can not only be an inconvenience, but it also comes with the risk of overwatering and overfeeding, w...

    As low as++ £139.95
  4. Wilma System XXL (115cm X 115cm)

    The Wilma System combines the ease of growing in pots with the growth boosting and maintenance-saving benefits of automated, timer-based watering and feeding. Their innovative design helps bridge the gap between soil and hydroponic gardening and help...

    As low as++ £179.96

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