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SystemAir Revolution Vector EC Fans are the gold standard in growroom ventilation - they represent a genuine leap forward in both efficiency and controllability.

EC stands for "Electronically Communicated". This means that instead of the current motor and bearings type fan that wear down over time and are not that efficient, EC fans are powered by pulsing magnets that are friction free and hence much more efficient.

This new technology has three main benefits. The first is that as there is no motor and bearings/brushes, the amount of electricity they used is 30-40% less than with a traditional fan. Secondly they are more powerful under pressure and better able to deal with pulling through carbon filters and runs of ducting.

However, the really big thing from a grower’s point of view is that you can control the speed of the fan from 1% through to 100% power, without any of the previous issues of humming, minimum idle speeds etc. The current fan speed controllers on the market all make the best of a bad situation, most fans are simply not designed to be turned down, doing this is basically a work around. The Vector EC Fans have no such issues and therefore offer complete control via the GAS EC Fan Controller - you can go right down from 1% and back up to 100% quickly, quietly and safely.

In fact, it’s not possible to use these fans without the controller, they are designed to be used with them. One controller can control as many fans as you want, you simply need to add one Y-Splitter for each extra fan you want to run.

An example setup would be a 200 Vector EC Fan for the exhaust fan and a 150 Vector EC Fan for the intake. To run these to fans you only need one controller, and one Y-Splitter. The Y-Splitter comes either as a short stub, or with a 5M extension cable (the 5M cable can also be purchased separately).

If you do choose to run two fans there is also a product available that allows you to change the speed of the exhaust and intake fans separately, called a Balancer. They are not really necessary but if you require really precise control over the negative air pressure in your room they are not too expensive and worth considering.

The GAS Controller is supplied with a 5 metre lead for connection to the Vector Fan, and the temperature probe is also on a 5 metre cable. The power lead for the fan is 2.5 metres.

At first these fans look a bit complicated to use, but they reality they are plug and play. We’ve included lot’s more info below in the FAQ’s, have a read through and if you still have any questions just give us a call.

Vector Fan Stats:

Flange (mm)          Airflow (m3/h)         Amps (A)            Wattage (W)           Sound (dB)

150                             790                             0.69                        77                              66                          

200                             1340                           0.92                        117                            68

250                             2100                           1.35                        171                            72

Vector EC Fans and Contollers FAQ's:

They're kind of expensive...!

Compared to a standard Ruck or SystemAir fan they are pricy, for sure. However, there are two points to bear in mind:

  • They use significantly less electricity, so over the life of the fan this will likely make up for the higher initial cost
  • They give almost perfect control over your growroom temperatures, this will translate into higher yields
How much noise do they make?

Because they are so powerful, you need to use Acoustic Ducting with them. Once fitted with acoustic ducting, they are actually slightly quieter than most other fans, see below.

Are they really that much more efficient than other fans?

Yes, they really are. The air coming through the Revolution fan on the left exits in almost a straight line - this really helps with airflow through the ducting. It lessens friction so is more efficient, and also reduces noise when used with acoustic ducting. The frictionless magnet system is in a different class to the tradional motors that exist in most normal fans, and the internal design of the dual fan blades does something really neat with the airflow, take a look at the bullet shaped airflow of the Vector EC fan on the left in this video:

How does the Revolution Vector EC Fan compare to the Hyper Fan - The Hyper Fan is quite a bit cheaper?

The Hyper Fan is not an EC fan as far as we undertsand it, it's a multiphase fan. In reality it's a very good fan that is highly controllable when used with a GAS controller, but in terms of performance under pressure the dual blade design on the Vector Fans is in a league of it's own. One limitation of the Hyper Fan vs the Vector EC fans is that the Hyper Fans can only go down to 30% power then they stop working, as the Vector Fans are true Ec fans they can run at as little as 1%. The Hyper Fan definitely wins on looks though, they really are great looking fans...

Why can they only be used with a controller?

The Vector EC versions are designed to be fully controllable from 1% up to 100% power in a frictionless manner for commercial HVAC applications - it's just a case of metting the demands of the market. Systemair also make the Revolution Stratos which uses the old style power train - these are comparable in price to other standard fans, but move much more air under pressure. The Stratos 10" version in particular is a great fan for the price point, when you compare air moved to cost of product.

Is the controller easy to setup and use?

Yep, thy're pretty much plug and play, take a look at the PDF attachment at the top of the page and this video:

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