Spraying Equipment

  1. All-Purpose Gloves

    Handy gloves with a thousand uses. Supplied in large size only, both the vinyl and latex versions are powder free....

    As low as++ £5.20
  2. 2 Litre Pump Sprayer

    The Aquaking 2l pump sprayer is an excellent quality 2 litre pump action sprayer - you won't find another sprayer on the UK market that comes anywhere close offering the same value for money. It builds up a suprising amount of pressure when fully pum...

  3. Aquaking 5ltr Pressure Sprayer

    This 5 litre sprayer from Aquaking features a fully removable top section allowing solutions to be mixed inside the sprayer without the need for a separate mixing container. Produces a fine, constant mist suitable for thoroughly covering lots of pla...


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