Prima Klima Carbon Filters

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Prima Klima Ecoline Carbon Filters are European made short lifespan, high filtration filters.

They remove 100% of smells whilst allowing high airflow through the fan but unlike the Rhino Hobby Filters they are set and forget - you don’t need to remember to turn them. However, they will only be effective for around 9 months or so then will need replacing – Rhino Hobby’s will remain effective for another 2-3 months and cost a bit less to buy.

Ecoline filters have been in the market for a very long time and have earned a reputation as one of the most effective smell removers out there due to a combination of the carbon they use and the way they pack the filter. Rhinos are probably the best selling filter on the market but these filters make it into our range as pound for pound they represent excellent value for money and have a loyal following – the 150mm x 650mm sells especially well.

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