1. Pythoff

    Pythoff is an effective sterilising agent designed to ward off pests and disease in hydroponic systems. Once added to your nutrient solution, regular use of Pythoff will help protect your plants from a range of diseases, fungi, and parasitic organism...

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  2. SB Plant Invigorator 250ml

    It's not often we recommend a product should be used by all of our customers but in the case of SB Plant Invigorator we felt we had to, this really is an excellent product. SB Plant Invigorator effectively kills spider mite, aphid and whitefly whils...

  3. Sticky Fly Traps

    Sticky fly traps are a great way to identify an infestation early, they will not normally solve a prblem alone but form part of a multi-pronged assault on unwelcome guests in your growroom. Attract & kill greenhouse and growroom pests including ...

  4. Bcuzz Bio Defence

    From the Bcuzz website:- "Just like man, plants also develop antibodies against disease germs, insects and fungi. These antibodies are called alkaloids. They are specific types of protein. B' cuzz Bio defence stimulates the production of these subst...

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