Plant Magic Nutrients

  1. Plant Magic Soil

    Plant Magic Soil Grow and Bloom, available in hard or soft water blends.
    Base nutrients available in 1l, 5l and 10l sizes.

    As low as++ £9.95
  2. Plant Magic Hydro

    Plant Magic Hydro 2-part base nutrients, Grow (A+B) and Bloom (A+B).
    Available in 1l, 5l and 10l sets for either hard or soft water.

    As low as++ £11.95
  3. Plant Magic Coco

    Plant Magic Coco 2-part base nutrients, Grow (A+B) and Bloom (A+B).
    Available in 1l, 5l and 10l sets for either hard water or soft water.

    As low as++ £12.95
  4. Plant Magic DWC Nutrient

    Plant Magic DWC specific nutrient, it is a 2-part nutrient with one formulation for grow and bloom.
    Available in 1l and 5l sets

    As low as++ £12.95
  5. Plant Magic Platinum

    Plant Magic Platinum is a highly concentrated flowering/fruiting PK booster.
    Available in 120ml, 250ml, 600ml and 1200ml.

    As low as++ £15.95
  6. Plant Magic Veg Boost

    Veg Boost is a powerful bio-stimulant which greatly increases nutrient availability.
    Available in 125ml, 250ml and 1l bottles.

    As low as++ £6.95
  7. Plant Magic Bloom Boost PK

    Plant Magic Bloom Boost is a PK booster for fruiting/flowering crops.
    Available in 500ml, 1l and 5l sizes.

    As low as++ £5.95
  8. Plant Magic Oldtimer

    Plant Magic Oldtimer 'Organic' Grow and Bloom, very popular and easy to use.
    Available in 1l and 5l sizes.

    As low as++ £9.95
  9. Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules

    Plant Magic Oldtimer Granules consists of Mycorrhizae (beneficial fungus) for use when potting-on.
    Available in 350g and 700g sizes.

    As low as++ £14.95
  10. Plant Magic Oldtimer Organic Magnesium

    Oldtimer Magnesium (powder) is a cost-effective way of rectifying the common problem of magnesium deficiency in plants.
    Available in a 400g tub.

  11. Plant Magic Oldtimer PK

    Plant Magic Oldtimer PK 4-8 naturally enhanced organic PK boost will increase fruiting and flowering.
    Available in 500ml, 1l and 5l sizes.

    As low as++ £14.95
  12. Plant Magic Essence

    Essence is a highly concentrated bio-culture containing over 20 strains of micro organisms to re-establish balanced bio-activity. Once activated Essence produces a powerful blend of beneficial organisms that will quickly colonize the surface of leave...

    As low as++ £11.95
  13. Plant Magic Ignition

    Plant Magic Ignition is a pre-flowering boost designed to be used in the first few weeks of bloom when plants are producing  flowering sites, and in the later stages of development alongside a PK booster such as Platinum PK 9/18. Contains powerfu...

    As low as++ £17.95
  14. Plant Magic Magne Cal+

    Magnesium and Calcium deficiencies in your plants is quite a common, but often overlooked problem.  Magnesium plays an essential part in the role of photosynthesis by aiding the production of chlorophyll and Calcium plays an important role in provid...

    As low as++ £7.95
  15. Plant Magic Evolution

    The Evolution complex from Plant Magic combines bio stimulants, plant hormones, sugars, vitamins and acids to increase vegetative growth and encourage new shoots. This in turn has benefits including improved photosynthesis leading to rapid vertical ...

    As low as++ £4.95
  16. Plant Magic BioSilicon

    Plant Magic BioSilicon is specially formulated for soil / compost applications containing a unique blend of humic and silicate to ensure optimum availability. By strengthening the cell walls of the plant, it provides the following benefits:- Impro...

    As low as++ £5.95
  17. Plant Magic Hydro Silicon

    Plant Magic Hydro Silicon has been specifically formulated for use with coco and hydroponics growing systems.  The unique formula helps protect plants from pests and diseases, enhances nutrient uptake, and boosts the weight and density of your f...

    As low as++ £10.95
  18. Plant Magic Enzyme

    Plant Magic Enzyme is a unique blend of enzymes designed to remove dead roots and break down organic matter. Unlike most other enzyme products on the market it's not not bacteria based, this means it can be used alongside disinfectant cleaners like P...

    As low as++ £6.95
  19. Plant Magic Catalyst

    Plant Magic catalyst is a 100% organic seaweed extract that will help you to grow stronger, healthier plants, fruit and vegetables. Regular use will improve resistance to stress and diseases. Benefits includes:- Stimulated plant growth Increased ...

    As low as++ £6.95
  20. Plant Magic Root Stimulant

    Plant Magic Root Stimulant is a high-quality, seaweed-based root stimulant that is suitable for use with all growing media. During the propagation period (but NOT before root emergence) this root stimulant should be used at 2.5ml/l, this can be incr...

    As low as++ £9.95
  21. Plant Magic BioWetter

    Bio-Wetter is an organic wetting agent extracted from the Yukka plant. This wetter contains natural bio stimulants and water tension breaking saponins. When used as a foliar spray BioWetter will:- Reduce surface tension Improve the performance o...

    As low as++ £8.95
  22. Plant Magic Flush

    Plant Magic Flush has been designed specifically for the UK coco and hydro gardener to remove excess nutrients from the plant sap as well as removing metallic tastes to improve flavours and aromas from your fruiting crops.This product works in two wa...

    As low as++ £10.95

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