315W CMH Systems

  1. V3 Daylight 315W Grow Light

    Maxibright Daylight 315W CMH.
    Combined here with the V3 reflector based on the ever-popular SuperNova design.

    As low as++ £249.95
  2. Focus Remote 315W CMH Grow Light

    Maxibright 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) grow lights feature the 315W CMH lamps from Phillips that offer high penetration into your plants, with an impressive 94% similarity to natural daylight. Available in Daylight or Agro (flowering) output, t...

    As low as++ £259.95
  3. Sun Systems LEC 315W Grow Light

    The Sun Systems LEC reflector for 315W CMH light is an American made vertical lamp reflector. They are actually a special UK edition of the top selling Sun Systems LEC 315W which has a built-in ballast - the UK edition is exactly the same fixture but...

    As low as++ £349.95
  4. Horizon 315W CMH Grow Light

    The Horizon 315W CMH kit is based on a wide angle, lightweight reflector designed specifically to spread light generated by 315W CMH lamps across wide growing areas. Unlike the standard Daylight Reflector and Sun Systems LEC reflector, the Hor...

    As low as++ £259.95
  5. Maxibright 315W CMH Adapter Kit

    The Maxibright 315W CMH Adapter Kit allows you to use 315W CMH lamps with any standard HID reflector. The kit contains: Maxibright 315W CMH Daylight Ballast E40 to 315W CMH Adapter Your choice of Philips 315W CMH lamps You can also use this ...

    As low as++ £14.95
  6. Daylight 315W CMH Ballast

    The Maxibright Daylight 315W CMH Ballast is the standard ballast used for all the 315W CMH lighting systems that we sell. The ballast is built to a high standard and can only be used with 315W CHM lamps. Unlike other types of digital ballast, there ...

  7. Philips 315W CMH Lamps

    MasterColour 942 - specifically for Veg growth. GreenPower 930 Agro - great for Flowering/fruiting plants.

    As low as++ £99.95

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