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  1. Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets

    Made from the highest quality sterlised peat to exacting standards, Jiffy-7 Peat pellets are widely used in commercial horticulture across the globe. Simply place the pellets into a saucer or propagator (hole side up - you will see what we mean when...

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  2. Jiffy 7C Coir Pellets

    Another peat free product from Jiffy Pots, the Jiffy 7C coir pellets act in much the same way as the well established Jiffy 7 peat pellet but have a slightly faster strike rate (when conditions are optimal) due to the improved oxygen holding capacity...

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  3. Jiffy Coir Pots

    Jiffy Coir Pots are an innovative and completely environmentally friendly product suitable for use in both organic and non-organic gardening. Being 100% biodegradable, the pots themselves are made completely from coir pith; a natural by-product of th...

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