Ionic Nutrients

  1. Ionic Hydro

    A one-part hydroponic feed from Growth Technology, Ionic Hydro is a good all round nutrient that’s easy to use and works well with most hydroponic systems and plants. Formulated to both ‘grow’ and ‘bloom’ variations to reflect the differen...

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  2. Ionic Soil

    Ionic Soil nutrient is a good, reliable plant feed from Growth Technology that produces consistent results and is cost effective and easy to use. This nutrient is fortified with natural organic plant acids and although there are more popular soil nu...

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  3. Ionic Coco

    Another simple one-part grow and one-part bloom nutrient, Growth Technology Ionic Coco is good value for money, simple to use and produces consistent results. Ionic Coco features additional humic and fulvic acids to support rapid growth throughout t...

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  4. Ionic PK Boost

    Ionic PK Boost from Growth Technology is designed to work alongside their hydro, coco and soil nutrients to increase the weight and density of flowering plants. Like all the other PK boosters available Ionic PK Boost supplies the additional phosphor...

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  5. GreenFuse

    GreenFuse is an organic additive for plants that can be used with hydro, coco and soil growing systems to stimulate roots, growth and flowering. Formulated from plant extracts, these stimulators have no residual effects on plants or people and are s...

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