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  1. ETI pH Pal Plus

    This pH Pal Plus is a change to our previous pH pen of choice as we began to experience a high return rate.  We have returned to the supplier that we used 10 years ago and they are proving popular and more reliable. This easy-to-use PH pen has a c...

  2. HM Digital EC Meter

    An essential bit of kit for any hydroponic grower, this robust EC meter is designed to suit anyone working to a budget without compromising on reliability. Microprocessor controlled for fast efficient readings, the meter also has a few handy extras ...

  3. BlueLab Truncheon

    Sturdy, reliable nutrient meters from Bluelab Hydroponics in New Zealand (formerly NZ Hydroponics). The Bluelab CF Truncheon measures EC, CF and TDS, is temperature compensated and completely waterproof. These meters tend to go on forever, just make...

  4. Bluelab Combo Meter

    Combination PH and EC meter from market leaders Bluelab of New Zealand (formerly New Zealand Hydroponics). Supplied as standard with a whopping great five year guarantee, these sturdy little meters were first marketed at commercial growers but have ...

    As low as++ £61.95
  5. Bluelab Guardian

    The Bluelab Guardian Monitor measures all three critical parameters to successful growth: pH, conductivity and temperature. As the environmental factors such as sunlight hours, wind, inherent plant growth change so do the plants uptake and need of w...

  6. PH Pen Calibration Fluid

    For use in calibrating all PH pens, pH Buffer 4 and pH Buffer 7.
    Available in 300ml and 1l bottles.

    As low as++ £2.95
  7. EC Pen Calibration Fluid

    For calibrating all types of nutrient meters.
    Available as 1.41 (microSiemens/cm) and 2.76. Both in 300ml bottles

    As low as++ £3.10

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