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  1. Hesi Soil

    Tried and tested, Hesi Soil nutrients are one of the best performing soil nutrients available and are clean, easy-to-use and effective. This affordable nutrient is also forgiving enough to give confidence to first time users while also producing goo...

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  2. Hesi Coco

    A great one-part coco nutrient, Hesi Coco is a popular choice and easy-to-use when it comes to working with coco for the first time. Hesi recently altered their formula for this nutrient and instead of using the same feed for both growth and bloom...

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  3. Hesi Hydro

    Hesi Hydro nutrient is an easy-to-use, one part hydroponic feed that produces reasonable results in all growing systems. Although we would generally recommend a two-part nutrient for optimum results, Hesi is a forgiving product that is ideal for beg...

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  4. Hesi PK 13/14

    Hesi PK13/14 is a potassium and phosphorus booster designed to boost flower and fruit formation in plants. During the flowering period, plants are at the peak of their lifecycle and as such have a greater requirement for certain nutrients Phosphoru...

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  5. Hesi Roots Complex

    Yet another quality product from the Hesi suite of nutrients, Root Complex is suitable for soil and hydroponic use at 5ml per litre. A very versatile product, promotes vigourous root growth and can also be used as a pre-soak for all types of growing...

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  6. Hesi Phosphorus Plus

    Aimed directly at the soil growing market, Hesi Phosphorus Plus is a PK booster for plants to help increase flower and fruit formation. During the flowering period, plants are at the peak of their lifecycle and therefore have a greater need for cert...

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  7. Hesi SuperVit

    Hesi SuperVit is Hesi’s flagship product that stands out in the domestic hydroponic industry as having no immediate rivals. Providing a unique blend of vitamins and amino acids not found in any other plant health product that we know of, it has...

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  8. Hesi PowerZyme

    Hesi PowerZyme is an enzyme additive that works to break down dead plant and root matter, turning it back into sugars that can be used by the plant. When a plant has no further use for a leaf or root, it extracts all of the minerals, which is why lo...

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  9. Hesi Boost

    Hesi Boost is a popular bloom stimulator and flowering promoter designed for use during the productive stage of the plant life cycle. Made from a mixture of concentrated fruit enzymes, Hesi Boost contains the elements potassium (1%), phosphorous (1%)...

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