Horizontal Systems

  1. 600W Varidrive Grow Light

    Euro Reflector, Digidrive Ballast, Parbright 600W lamp. Digital, dimmable technology for under £100.

  2. 600W Grow Light Kits

    Budget grow light kits built from quality components. Safe, reliable kits at dangerously low prices!

    As low as++ £59.95
  3. Euro Grow Light

    Quality dutch-barn reflector design.
    Over 100 ballast and lamp combinations to choose from!

    As low as++ £73.84
  4. SuperNova Grow Light

    The SuperNova reflector has really stood the test of time. Available here with 100's of quality ballast and lamp combinations.

    As low as++ £94.97
  5. Great 8 Grow Light

    The Great 8 reflector is a favourite in-store. Here is it available with lots of ballast/lamp combinations - something to suit every budget.

    As low as++ £101.55

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