Lighting Accessories

  1. Easy-Rolls

    Easy Rolls are designed to clear the clutter in your growing environment by providing a simple way to adjust the height of your lights. Each Easy Roll has an adjustable torque setting controlled by a wing nut on the side.

  2. Rope Ratchets

    Rope ratchet hangers are the simple and secure way to hang items in your grow room or grow tent. Able to hold 34kg of load each, a pair of rope ratchet can withstand 68kg of total hanging weight, which is more than enough to support even the heaviest...

  3. Lumii Lamp Hanging Kit

    The Lumii Lamp Hanging Kit is a simple and safe piece of equipment that can be used to hang grow lamps vertically with the use of reflectors. It can be used with all HID grow lamps and Philips 315W CMH lamps. The rope ratchets are attached to the br...

  4. Jack Chain

    Sold by the metre, this high quality jack chain is capable of hanging both lighting equipment and small to medium weight carbon filters. Also available as a 10 metre box at a discounted price....

    As low as++ £1.25
  5. Jupiter 2 Light Mover

    Made in Australia, the Jupiter 2 Light Mover is the sturdiest, most reliable light mover on the market. It allows users to run up to 6 lights at a time from one unit, the most any of it's competitors can manage is just two; this should give you ...

    As low as++ £178.45

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