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  1. GHE Floraseries

    The three-part nutrient from General Hydroponics has long been regarded as being pretty much the best nutrient on the market for hydroponic systems and can be used with soil and coco as well. Developed by former NASA chemists, this nutrient is one o...

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  2. GHE Bio Essentials

    General Hydroponics Bio Essentials is a mixture of micro and sub-micronutrients that give plants the trace elements they need. Bio Essentials also contains an organic buffer to help maintain the pH levels of the nutrient solution, and will also help...

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  3. GHE Diamond Nectar

    A popular flowering enhancer, General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar is a combination of humic and fulvic acid that enhances the growth of your plants and helps to keep the healthy. Soluble humates – fulvic and humic acid – are naturally occurring p...

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  4. GHE Ripen

    A ‘forcing solution’, General Hydroponics Ripen is a late stage nutrient that can be used to speed up the final stages of fruiting and flowering. Ripen is particularly useful for outdoor plants where bad weather threatens to ruin a harve...

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  5. GHE Bio Boosters

    Bio Roots: A 100% organic roots activator for all growing methods. It stimulates the development of micro organisms in the root mass and promotes the growth of roots and rootlets. It improves the root’s biotope and hardens the root cap. T...

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