Digital Ballasts

  1. Maxibright Pro Select 600W

    The Maxibright Digilight Pro Select is probably the best dimmable 240V  600W ballast around in terms of build quality, reliability and value for money. This ballast will run 250W, 400W and 600W lamps with a 'super-lumen' (10% boost) setting availab...

  2. 600w Digital Ballast - Varidrive

    The DigiDrive from Maxigrow is now rebranded as the Varidrive and is a good quality digital ballast that features a 4-way dimmer switch to give you complete control over the power output to your plants. The ballast will power 250W, 400W or 600W HPS...

  3. Maxibright Promax Gold 600W/400V

    The Maxibright Promax Gold 600W is a 240V/400V dimmable ballast that can operate 600W lamps at the following outputs: 400W, 500W, 600W and 660W boost. It can also operate 400W lamps on the 400W setting. It can run both metal halide and HPS/dual spec...

  4. Maxibright 1000W Pro Select Ballast

    The 1000W Digilight Pro 1000W ballast by Maxibright is one of the most advanced 240V/1000W ballast available – if you are looking for the best 1000W digital ballast on the market this is it. The ballast a set of features not seen together in a...

  5. 600W Digital Ballast

    Maxibright are one of the market leaders in horticultural equipment and this 600W digital ballast is a high performing product that offers great value for money. Maxibright have long been known for their quality manufacturing and highly reliable prod...

  6. 400W Digital Ballast

    This 400W digital ballast comes from one of the best equipment manufacturers in the horticultural lighting industry; Maxibright. Renowned for their reliability, quality, and price, the Maxibright Digilight range of ballasts are compact, lightweight, ...

  7. 250W Digital Ballast

    rigorous research and testing and after several years of just that they’ve released the Maxibright Digilight range of ballasts. This 250W digital ballast has been carefully engineered to run silently and prolong the lifespan of your grow lamp. ...


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